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A Portmanteau of Tampon and Stamp. The name of the act involving a woman dropping a recently used Tampon from the top of a building greater than 9 stories tall which not only lands on, but sticks to the head of a pedestrian below.
"Hey Sally, remember when the wind ruined your Tampstamp last Tuesday?"
by awesomeolion January 17, 2010

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the act of slapping a person, usually a female asian, in the face with a blood-soaked feminine product (tampon). sometimes seen as a symbol of communist china as a result of it's red pigment.
cynthia wouldn't bind her feet, so i tamp-stamped her!
by pablito1187 April 27, 2008
to hit a person across the forehead with a bloody tampon.
I tamp-stamped that ho last week.
by anderoohsally April 26, 2008