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"Did you see how low he rated me?"
Ya, you got tammied."

by punk_junk March 27, 2008
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When someone sews a guy's ass-cheeks together, gives him laxatives, pierces his belly-button and nipples and attaches them by a chain and hooks the chain to a ceiling fan.
Boy Walter, you just got tammied.
by Jon Tinkleton April 29, 2005
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The act of getting led on, used, or toyed with by a girl who clearly knows you are interested in her. It is not the same as getting friendzoned because a Tammy does not want to be your friend, she just wants to use you for money, alcohol, parties, drugs, etc.

A true Tammy will pretend to act interested in you, flirt with you, and compliment you to draw you in close in order to gain the best rewards.
"Dude, you see that girl I was with the other night? She's totally hot and totally into me!"

"Bro, you're getting Tammied. She's just using you to find out about parties, get shitfaced, and go home with other guys."
by Tammy-Hunter August 08, 2013
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