The most amazing, beautiful girl in the world, she will always make you laugh, has an amazing voice, but won't sing for anyone. This girl is.... too amazing for words.
Omg that Tamara is amazing
by Belief May 23, 2011
A name meaning palm tree in hebrew. Also a very well rounded person.
See that girl, her name is tamara, she is well rounded
by Caseysgirl May 25, 2006
Russian form of TAMAR. It was introduced to the English-speaking world by Russian performers such as Tamara Karsavina (1885-1978), Tamara Drasin (1905-1943), Tamara Geva (1907-1997) and Tamara Toumanova (1919-1996). It was also borne by the Polish cubist painter Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980). This name also coincides with a Sanskrit word meaning "spice".

Pronounced: tah-MAH-rah (Russian), tə-MAHR-ə (English)
See that girl over there, her name is Tamara
by TamaraDi February 03, 2010
an amazing girl, who loves to dress up to just get out of the ordinary, very kind and can be trampled for it, misunderstood by many but is a wonderful girl. She has many qualities that beg to be noticed and when the right person does they better know the worth of them. She has a cute laugh that can easily be contagious, leading to long nights of laughing at anything. Loves to hang out and knows how to have a good time, and loves to dance to techno and watching her leaves you wanting more. If you find a Tamara never leave her side she is worth the world.
See that Tamara she is mine
by Phycho Wulfy July 14, 2011
Cute girl, mostly Russians, skinny body, perfect body, lovable, gorgeous, smart, I love her so much♥
Tamara have a perfect and sexy body like skye brooke... Everyone loves her so much...♥♥
by Iloveyourpussy. December 17, 2010
Tamara is the most amazing person you will ever meet, she is kind, gorgeous, and most importantly... zomg so insanely awesome

Awesomeness oozes from her, like her diamond tears when a sad movies is on...
Tamara. nuf said.
by achlime February 23, 2010
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