Top Definition
1. some bone in ur foot

2. a rock of some sort

3. a kid who says his penis goes into the 4th dimension; also can do really cool 3 shuvs
1. Dude I hurt my talus on a rock

2. The talus at the botton of the hill was big

3. Talus tried to get some but sent the girl back in time with his 4D penis. He then went and did some stylish 3 shuvs
by s_my_d_in_a_tree_333 October 15, 2010
Someones nick name. Most likely to be named that after giving good Head or a good fucking. And also most likely to have a very very large penis capable of pleasing the hottest of woman
Talus proved to me that his penis is very large and afterwards proved me that he could please me. So therefore i started calling him teloe
by _your_basic_shrek_lover November 13, 2014
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