Best version of the DSM line, 4wd turbo.
man I smoked ur ass off the line becase my Talon tsi is AWD.
by Bite me November 24, 2002
Top Definition
One make and model of a spectacular sports car made by Diamond Star Motors (see also DSM) that daily hands Mustangs and Hondas their asses.
'If you had bought a Talon TSi AWD instead of your Mustang, you might know how to spell.'
by Dawg December 05, 2003
convenient, good looking and fast sports car. very similar to the mitsubishi eclipse.

btw shut the hell up about your 60's mustangs, not everyone wants a car that has ancient parts, ancient handling and requires nonstop maintance.
hey thats a pretty sweet talon

man i wish i had an eagle talon this winter

oh snaps! the transmission just fell out of that mustang! should have bought an eagle talon.
by Nate November 26, 2003
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