Much like a typo, it's when you stumble with your words or say one thing when you meant to say another.
Guy 1: We were supposed to goto the baseball glame, uhh, I mean game.

Guy 2: Talko!
by IlikeUDmorethanyou October 16, 2010
Top Definition
A mistaken word uttered into a conversation

A verbal typo
Joe: It's daylight savings time. I'd better set my cock back an hour.

Jane: Excuse me???

Joe: Oh jeez... I meant "clock". That was a talko.
by BBeast August 13, 2008
Much like a typo when one is typing, A talko is when one fucks up in general speech.
Oh... shit.. sorry.. Talko
by Shventor January 16, 2004
A gay sex offender who happens to be a 35 year old virgin who watches and listens to you while you eat tacos and tells you that they've been watching with a definition.
Check out the old gay virgin talko behind us. I think its hungry and wants some free food and iced tea.
by talko bender August 31, 2010
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