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A mistaken word uttered into a conversation

A verbal typo
Joe: It's daylight savings time. I'd better set my cock back an hour.

Jane: Excuse me???

Joe: Oh jeez... I meant "clock". That was a talko.
by BBeast August 13, 2008
When you go to the bathroom having to take a #1 and #2.

The need to take a dump makes it difficult to take a piss, which results in going #2 first to allow you to go #1

Often uncomfortable for guys due to the fact that they are sometimes forced to piss sitting down.
I had too much to eat and drink. When i went to the bathroom, i had trapped piss inside of me, so i had to take a piss sitting down like a wimpy girl :(
by BBeast August 13, 2008
Acronym for People against People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Almost everyone in the world is a part of PPETA and don't even now it yet
by BBeast August 28, 2008
Images you see on the internet surrounded by a black border and white text on the bottom
I saw this black box that said

"Mindfuck: When you see it you'll shit bricks"

Long story short, i need a new pair of jeans.

by BBeast August 22, 2008

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