A ghetto saying, often combined with a raised palm, that indicates the speaker is no longer listening. Usually used in response to something offensive or critical.
Girl you just talk to the hand, cuz I don't need to know who this baby daddy!!
by Lexicon Master September 03, 2003
An aggrivating way of saying "shut up".
me:why are you so annoying?!
girl:talk to the hand,'cause the girl aint hearin' it!
by Wolf-Sneasel September 02, 2003
Cutting phrase used to stop a discussion, similar to "whatever". Used in conjunction with the gesture of shoving the upright palm of the hand in the other person's direction.
Talk to the hand 'cos the ear ain't listening
(other version: "talk to the hand 'cos the face ain't listening" but I didn't know faces could listen, I thought ears did that!)
by Gaeilgeoir September 29, 2007
talk to my hand cuz my face ain't listenin'
that bitch was trippin...talk to the hand bitch!
by bitch September 02, 2003
A non verbal way of telling someone to shut up, that you are not interested.
I held my hand up to Valynncia, when kept talking about the work I was doing/
by Saints March 06, 2005
Something that chicks (In their teens, mostly.) say whenever they officially lost a debate.

It is most commonly used by a person with a low IQ, who cant just tell someone to go away by theirself, so they resort to something really stupid and raise their hand in the air.

See also: How's the weather
People who say "Talk to the hand" need a heavy dose of reality.

Cheerleaders should be put in jail each time they say this.
by Not Zane July 23, 2004
a ghetto term, usually used by nappy ho's. Equivalent of "whatever"
a "talk to the hand" will usually earn your face a quick conference with the fist
by rob March 09, 2004

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