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When a guy or girl goes somewhere like the movies, fiesta texas, beach, etc & looks for someone to holler at . Somone who looks really attractive & has "talent" such as either a big dick, huge boobs, or big ass.
Bob: "Dammn, that movie was sick foo !"
Cameron: "I know man, but i missed the ending."
Bob: "How ? You were in the movie with me the whole time"
Cameron: "This Brunette-"
Bob: "Ahh c'mon dog, don't tell me some fat chick got in the way."
Cameron: "Fat, ? no. But her boobs got in the way"
Bob: "Talent Scouting again ?"
Cameron: "No, but damnn she was fine as hell B."
by Roni<3 July 05, 2009
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