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something that will change your perspective on things and life and switch it around so you see things the other way. weird yet very intelligent when it comes to answering questions based on life. when you find one do not let it go because it will not come back to you. ever.
Today I took a look at life with a taleen point of view.
by nickolas8485 November 20, 2006
Does everything that has to do with sex good.
Taleen is amazing in bed! I seriously can't wait until next time!
by Mrritghtguy November 06, 2011
A hot, sexy, beautiful, funny and short. She can be somewhat stubborn, but she'll still be loveable. She's very crearive and cannot stay bored. With her smart assed attitude its hard to not admit she has good comebacks. She's the life of the party and loves to live it up! She's really good in bed and gets kinky. She might even add another girl to the mix! She likes guys with big penis's and a good sense of humor. She can make you hard with in seconds. She haz an Amazing body and a cute face. Her hair color is probably dark brown and curly... maybe wavey. Taleen is a unique girl you should never turn your back on.
Ahhh! That Taleen gave me a boner! Help me
hide it!

Dyum thats one fine Taleen!
by xoxoxoxoLOVE October 02, 2011
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