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pronounced tA-E-SHA
1. non ghetto version of the name tyesha. 2. a young lady who is gorgeous, educated, well-spoken of and at times spontaneous.
Wow, she sure is a taisha.
by Maneo April 22, 2009
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The most beautiful girl in the whole wide world. She will give meaning to that certain someone that could not be found anywhere else. She knows exactly what needs to be said in a hard moment, but also knows how to make the best moments perfect. She could without a doubt be the best girl that any man could marry. Without her, there are certain people who just could not function. What she wants she already has, but she really wants to be with a certain person in his arms forever. She is by far the best person that any man could think of and any other man should be jealous of the guy that is loved by Taisha.
Taisha, will you marry me?
by BoilerUp2013 May 01, 2011
The most cutest girl you will ever meet, with sparkling eyes and rich olive skin. Has really big boobs, and the nicest ass ever. She is a hard working person in life, she works hard for all her accomplishments and doesn't let anything bring her down. She has meaning to all her friends and seduces men with her amazing eyes and outgoing personality. most likely struggled with drugs in her early years, but she has overcome that with the help of her loving friends. Men want to be with her, but she will stay faithful to her one and only. One of the most amazing people that a person will ever meet. Usually from Germany.
Boy: Damn that's a really fine girl over there
Girl: Don't even try Tyrone, that's a Taisha, she already has a man.
Boy: But that ass
Girl: Don't bust a nut, but i'm your girl her.
by DaquaviusGoodman November 17, 2013

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