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The antonym of a no-wipe. When you take a shit and it's so messy, you find yourself scrubbing your taint clean because it's been painted brown.
Me: "Hey Dave, I just had the opposite of a no-wiper this morning. I had myself a taint-painter. I had to shower afterwards."

Dave: "That's awesome."
by j0hnnyscene July 17, 2011
a person who paints a womens taint or an insolt
Alex is such a taintpainter.
by donny hendrickson October 15, 2007
One who pulls out before cumming, and 'paints' the taint with love juice, or a fart that turns out to be more, and 'paints' the taint with shit.

"Last night i gave Jill a taint painter!" or "On the way home from the party last night, I thought I had to fart, but it turned out to be a taint painter!
by W.H.Sandwich shop February 04, 2009

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