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A long goatee that brushes/tickles the taint when you eat pussy
I wouldn't want to smell his taint brush after he eats pussy.
by Bellezebub July 01, 2005
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noun - an extended soulpatch. A long vertical strip of facial hair directly below the lower lip, beneficial for stimulating the taint during cunningulis or salad tossing.
While I was "eating at the Y", my taintbrush drove her crazy!
by Syphillis_Diller June 03, 2005
also known as a "Soul Patch." Hair grown below the lower lip and above the chin. So named for its applications in oral sex. Useful for accusing friends of homosexuality.
Nice beard guy, how does your boyfriend like the taint brush?
by DavidFourFingers March 12, 2010
When a guy has a little patch of hair directly below his lips. It's not a full goatee. When a guy goes down on a girl, this patch of hair brushes up against the chick's taint. Also known as a soul patch.

Look at that douche bag... he needs to shave off the taint brush.
by Dan de Mann November 12, 2006
A taintbrush is when someone walks around on a hot summer day, saturating the taint and its hairs with sweat. Once saturated, it is then used to paint on a sleeping person's forehead.
My roommate used his taintbrush on his sleeping girlfriend and blinded her by getting sweat in her eyes!
by Siegle September 21, 2005
see soul patch, the tuft of facial hair on the lower lip and chin.
She felt raw down below for days after her date with the gentleman sporting the resplendent taintbrush.
by Squidopottomus January 04, 2007
A male or female tongue. The word is generally used to describe a tongue when it is used during oral sex.
She used her taint brush on my ass when she was giving me sloppy head.
by CGJohnMack November 28, 2005

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