Little blonde fairy girl who lives in the ancient and magical forests of northern hemisphere, blossoms especially during the white nights.
You can come across with taika when you meet a person who believes in magic and makes you to believe in it, too.

Take a walk in an old forest during a white night and you are sure to find taika there.
by Ottiilia May 08, 2007
Taika (Tie - ka)
A stunning individual that can cheer you up or sadden you with a blink of her eye. They have the highest hope and determination for things others may deem impossible. But they aren't all "Sunshine and Daisies ". If you get in the way of Taika, and interfere with what they want, be prepared for the consequences. To know a person with such a name is more than a's a privilege.
I wish i had a Taika as a friend.
by Gumbobaby December 18, 2014

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