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.noun/ - Place where "way" talented taggers and old robots hang around. (also see ROBOTRON).e/9a l33t
/example. - I logged on to teh Tagmonkey and saw some phat tags, dood!
by Robo February 12, 2004
Best damn tagging forum EVAR!
One or ones who make tags as a hobby or living.
God I love Tagmonkey.
by Oni_Dragon March 16, 2004
The rare tagging monkey of the south amizonian rain forest. It has the amazing abiltiy to produce artwork on trees and the like using its amazing 'brushing' skills.
The tagmonkey swang from tree to tree brushing his pieces for the other monkeys to see.

How they laughed.
by Sab0 March 28, 2004
Latin: Uberous Maximus

One or many who make banners or tags for people.

Found at
I was tagmonkeying around at
by Stannum/JAMES January 07, 2004
a person that makes tags for forums(images in signatures) can often be found at
www.tagmonkey.ney there you can find all the info you need about tagmonkeys
by PenPen November 28, 2003
Someone who manipulates HTML mark-up for artistic purposes such as over at
I was just tagmonkeying around with the colspan tags to get the icon aligned right of the clear gif colour field
by Ben July 17, 2003
One who loves to follow Isaac to And make love to the monkey men that reside there.

This definition falls into the drugs category.
I love to tag the monkeys at because it is blah, etc.
by Isaac January 31, 2004
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