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a person who does graffiti and is generally dodgy. usually steals lots and hurts script medication.
that tagger did a tag
by McGee May 11, 2004
30 90
urban graffiti writer
Who's that tagger over there.
by phile1 May 16, 2003
201 40
A mostly derogatory term for an inexperienced graffiti writer; or used as a general term for all graffiti vandals or writers by law enforcement or graffiti abatement teams.
A tagger is the same as calling the one who places graffiti, a toy.

In most circles, someone that has skils or props in the graffiti placement world is more correctly termed to be a writer
Some damned tagger killed my wall last night. taggers are working overtime after yesterday's buff.
That tagger ain't nuthin but a scribble monkey toy.
by Billy Bubb March 24, 2009
44 42
a retard who spends all one's time designing their initials into
a stylised motif they can then spraypaint all over other's property to feed the juvenile narcissitic need for attention they can't otherwise get from any reasonably intelligent human being.
tagger: "look at me, i can paint my initials on a wall..."

anyone: "fuck off retard!!!"
by taggers are arse June 14, 2010
57 77
When someone is invited to go on a date but they are too scared to go alone so they invite their friend to make sure the person they are going to meet is not a rappist, peadofile, murderer ect...
Kerrie: "Im going on a date with James on Saturday but im scared to go alone incase he rapes me, will you come with me?"

Hannah: "Yeaa sure why not, I will stand there looking like a tagger"
by Hmmm721 May 27, 2009
6 32
Person who tags friends in photos on popular networking websites (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, MyYearbook)
"Hey Rick, are you going to tag me in that photo tomorrow on Facebook?" -- "Calm down Chaz, do I look like a tagger?"
by Thomas "Legend" Tripp September 07, 2008
10 38
Someone that's been tagged as being on tagged.
Yup, I've caught up with you litle tagger, now haven't I?
by Hercolena Oliver August 28, 2008
3 37
a word used to describe ryan taylors cat with the utmost enthusiasm

also used to describle getting lazy and/or comforable

"You got the tagger"
by Jeff and Ryan AKA turbo man November 28, 2004
22 78