v. "Tagging" is the act of delivering a quick, sharp, blow to the scrotum. A well placed tag will leave the victim rolling on the ground, clenching his testicles in agony, possobly even vomiting.

Beleive it or not, some people find the pastime of tagging entertaining.
I was just standing there minding my own buissiness, when wouldn't you know it, he comes up from behind and tags me!
by JakeStar April 28, 2005
An expensive Swiss made watch.
Tag & Heuer
I just jacked this Tag off some yupee cracka!!!
by Chester Copperpot January 09, 2005
A tag in an on-line game.

A tag is used in many on-line multiplayergames. A tag is used in player names, when they belong to a certain clan(in most cases). Usually a tag is constructed by using the clans name or a defining word placed within square brackets. Altough other combinations can be used, such as -=namehere=-. A tag should not be confused with a spray paint logo.
"¥clan01¥Untitled-player" has joined the game.

If you want to be in our tag you need to put ¥clan02¥ in front of your display name.

noob: HAHA I pwn3d t3h -=clan03=- pl4y3rs,lolz!11!11!11ONEONE!111OEN1!1!2.
by Akula04 July 05, 2005
When someone gets punched and knows it whole hearted
He tagged that motha fucka Brian, that bitch tried to shake it off but got punked in the end.
by Watashi April 12, 2003
a screen name or account name, like one in Xbox Live, AIM, WoW, Runescape, etc.
WoW n00b: yo guys, i just got world of warcraft. send tags!
by ryan pittman January 21, 2008
Ass, butt, bum, bumoley, bottom, buttox, backside, plump of fat on the rear, rearend, ect.
by Amber December 06, 2004
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