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One who uses many various tags in an effort to piss as many people off as they can.
"Hey Deviance, I'm -193-Volodnigay today. Hey Deviance I'm -iX. Volodnigay today. Volodnikov, your such a tag whore."
by Deviat November 06, 2007
Someone who puts many useless tags in their video's to lure people to their videos.
You can find Tag Whores on almost any video site. Like Youtube or Xfire for instance.
by Evil Tomato August 13, 2008
Someone who adds tags that are irrelavant to the content for the sole purpose of gaining more views.
That douche is such a tag whore.
by wikipedius degreeus May 01, 2012
When somone on Ifunny uses a lot of hashtags in the hopes of gaining more views.
This guys has 5 hashtags! He is such a tag whore
by Bathesda September 24, 2015
n. A tagwhore is someone who posts as many tags to their blog as possible. This is usually done to attract a large audience of fellow bloggers. Tags and tagwhores are found on Mindsay blogs, but can be located elsewhere in the internet.

Also: tagwhoring (v.), tagwhorrible (adj.)
"Corporate blogs are huge tagwhores."
by The Shill November 29, 2005
Referring to call of duty. Someone who brags about their high level from playing kill confirmed and claiming tags.
Tag Whore: Dude all I've played recently is kill confirmed and I prestiged.

Group of friends: What a tag whore
by roidsjr. February 01, 2016
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