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When someone has the tag of their shirt ect. showing over the collar of it, they are referred to as a tag dag. The actual tag as referred to as a taggy daggy. If you see some one with a taggy daggy, it is entirely appropriate to stick your hand down the back of their shirt to to fix it.
Jacob: Why are you sticking you hand down my shirt!?!?

Jess: You were a tag dag!
by shannenmon October 07, 2008
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Someone who's tag is hanging out of their shirt.
Check out that tag-dag, he's got to sort his shit out.
by Tatkins October 15, 2005
Someone who always seems to have their clothing tags hanging out whilst wearing them.
"That chicks shirt tag is hanging out...what a tag dag! AND she's a size 14"
by KittenMeat October 26, 2008

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