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When someone has the tag of their shirt ect. showing over the collar of it, they are referred to as a tag dag. The actual tag as referred to as a taggy daggy. If you see some one with a taggy daggy, it is entirely appropriate to stick your hand down the back of their shirt to to fix it.
Jacob: Why are you sticking you hand down my shirt!?!?

Jess: You were a tag dag!
by shannenmon October 07, 2008
5 1
Someone who's tag is hanging out of their shirt.
Check out that tag-dag, he's got to sort his shit out.
by Tatkins October 15, 2005
5 2
Someone who always seems to have their clothing tags hanging out whilst wearing them.
"That chicks shirt tag is hanging out...what a tag dag! AND she's a size 14"
by KittenMeat October 26, 2008
2 0