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A large group of self-absorbed people gathering for the purpose of patting themselves on the back, telling the world how great they are, and jacking off
I watched the Academy Awards last night. What a Taffy Pull!
by Tiny908 January 27, 2008
A man gets his penis pulled with moderate too severe force.
Vince, get your ass over here and give me another taffy pull.
by BigEvil13 March 09, 2015
a hand job at the state fair
bro just got a taffy pull in the portapotty bro!
by chefmike February 28, 2016
a quick tug of the sack skin. could be used as an offensive move by one of your buddies, or possibly a hot thing your skeeza does to you. its up to the victim/lucky guy. it must be accompanied by a long "whooooooo" sound as the tug is being completed.
"are you hungry man? i am, we should go for a........TAFFY PULL!!!!"(pulls sack)
by brody March 18, 2005
two brown/black men giving each other handjobs mutual masturbation
africa is known to have the highest continental incidence of taffy pulling
by Afrika Bambaataa December 09, 2007
After recieving a snowball, spitting the semen into her vagina.
Martha snowballed me, so I gave her the ol' Taffy Pull.
by Jargon July 06, 2003
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