1. The act of a man slipping his penis into a women during an opportune moment or circumstance.

2. Relying on the advice of a buddy or source that a particular women will engage in intercourse after certain requirements suitable to the man are met. (being hispanic, knowing how to play guitar, bow staff skills)

3. The choosing of entering points on a womens body to best avoid contracting certain venereal diseases that the women may posses.
1. Greg: Yeah we unded up sleeping together.
Andrew: How'd you pull that?
Greg: She was crying about her father's death, she fell into my arms, then it was just tactical insertion.

2. John: I heard shes a whore, just needs a couple drinks.
Bill: Think I may be able to pull some tactical insertion?
John: Buy a few beers and your in.

3. I knew she had been with that junkie awhile back, so I used tactical insertion when I reamed her back door. Just to be safe you know?
by Mondongina February 06, 2011
Getting head while playing Call of Duty
Tactical Insertion
by Boomshaka 001 April 25, 2010
Wiggling yourself inbetween the couch cousion and the person lying down so you can push them off
His fat ass was lying down on the couch so used a tactical insertion to knock him off
by A guy who wants more words April 07, 2011
When an individual hits on a girl at a bar with the full intention of sleeping with her in an unconventional way.

Synonymous with a Call of Duty perk, the person employing the method snakes their way into the inner lair of the "opposing team" (girls pants).
Dude, he totally slipped her some GHB and took her to the bathroom for a Tactical Insertion.
by Guiced November 19, 2009
When a female is having a massive orgasm, you insert the remote control into her asshole, then press volume down so she shuts the fuck up. This also works when she won't stop nagging.
Bitch shut the fuck up before I give you a Tactical Insertion!
by SpeaksJanusch July 21, 2010
Getting laid by using a specific methodology for picking up chicks.
I performed a tactical insertion on Lissete's mom at Sandy's.
by ChekYur6 February 09, 2010
1. tactically inserting ones tool into an area of interest.

2. tactically inserting ones member into a females mouth when she is passed out (or unconcious) without waking her up.

If you insert your member flacid you can proceed to wake her up with a strong erection tickling her throat in the best way possible.

3. Tactically inserting your dick into a hoe without her knowing.
1. I woke JANE up this morning with a perfectly executed tactical insertion. And to add to that I covered her eyes with my ball sack and proceeded to play "guess who" as a shot my load with force on her tonsils.
by MR. FELCHER January 30, 2010

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