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a whore that has sex in exchange for chalupas
Molly says ..."i'm a taco whore ..i'll have sex with you for that chalupa"
by -Leigh- September 19, 2005
A girl who come to a bar on cheap taco special night, dressed like a stripper hitting up guys for drinks.
by treemontexplorer February 02, 2010
Someone that loves Tacos enough to do anything for them. Insanely, There are people out there that do that.
*in tune of what woudl you dofor a klondyke bar*
What would ya do for a Ta-co?
Tabz is such a taco whore, she wears shirts that say "taco" on them!
by TABZiE January 12, 2006
a girl that loves eating pussy more than anything else.
Ricky: hey i think Abby is a lesbian
Bobby: Definitely a taco whore
by MrSmirnoff August 01, 2008
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