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A child born to unmarried parents, see Love Child
umm... what can you put for an example of such stupidity? No comdum.
by Tabzie July 04, 2005
Okay What the stupid colors mean at my palce are :
Red=your on your period
Green= you want money for it
Black= Hard sex
Glitter= your gay
Blue= soft sex
Pink= your a virgin
and so on... thats all it is...
G: Break one for me
B: why?
G: just becasue
B: *breaks one* Oh now we gotta fuck
G: no we dont
B: oh
(( i do this all the time, its wicked funny ot see the boys faces!))
by Tabzie January 23, 2005
Someone that loves Tacos enough to do anything for them. Insanely, There are people out there that do that.
*in tune of what woudl you dofor a klondyke bar*
What would ya do for a Ta-co?
Tabz is such a taco whore, she wears shirts that say "taco" on them!
by TABZiE January 12, 2006
to go by someone and not say excuse me.
shewent scoozie on by me and didnt even say anything
by Tabzie March 10, 2005
someone that says something, then says you dont have to do it.
"send me a naked pic of you!"
"well if you dont want to you dont have to..."
"send me a naked pic of you!"
"Your Double Sideded Alright."
by TABZiE September 17, 2005

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