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A slang term for a person who likes to orally pleasure hispanic women.
man...what is with jeff and dating all those mexican chicks? I don't know but i think he might be a good taco eater.
by special K August 28, 2006
A person that munches down on a Taco. Eats em right out of their shell.
Taco's nicknamed was changed to Taco Eater after someones Mom said what a Taco was.
by Taco eater June 09, 2005
A person who eats a taco. Male or Female can both be eaters of the Taco.
Taco's nicknamed changed to Taco Eater when someone's mom implied what Taco meant.
by Taco eater June 09, 2005
a slang term used to describe people of hispanic desent
Taco eaters sending money home to Mexico (somewhere in the $16 Billion/year range) is their country's 2nd largest income source.
by M. Hamilton January 20, 2006
A person that eats a taco. (taco is a a mexican food, but better yet a pussy.)
Taco got his nickname cheanged to Taco Eater when someones mom made the reference to waht Taco stood for and so they called him Taco (eater)
by Taco eater June 09, 2005
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