Top Definition
Somewhat derogatory term for an attractive Mexican female
Rosarita is a taco belle
by robin graves February 21, 2004
A lesbian; any female that particularly enjoys playing with/licking/eating pussy
Ellen Degeneres is such a Taco Belle
by me June 28, 2004
An attractive woman with a delicious and attractive pussy.
Mike: Guess who's a Taco Belle.

John: Um... Jennifer?

Mike: Lauren!

John: Yeah?

John: Fuck yeah!
by phuqr September 23, 2011
A white girl that only dates Hispanics
She's a real taco belle!
by Hugo Z June 03, 2005
The belle is referring to the woman's clitorous whilst the taco refers to her reproductive organ. The belle hangs in the taco just like the woman's sexual organ happens to appear.
Dude have you seen Carly's taco belle, it's bigger than what i expected when i saw it in the mirror as she was running after me
by Sudyer February 26, 2006
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