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Referred to the women's genitalia it represents a taco like shell with hair
I got with a chick last night and I started to eat out her Taco Shell.
by Sudyer September 13, 2005
The word or expression is yelled when a negro spots a policeman/vehicle which sends neighbouring negros scattering
Five-o! Five-o! We godda get out of 'ere bra's!
by Sudyer February 26, 2006
The belle is referring to the woman's clitorous whilst the taco refers to her reproductive organ. The belle hangs in the taco just like the woman's sexual organ happens to appear.
Dude have you seen Carly's taco belle, it's bigger than what i expected when i saw it in the mirror as she was running after me
by Sudyer February 26, 2006
Verb. Used when joking about something which demeans the person you use it against one way or another.
Johnny: "I screwed your sister man, i'm not gonna lie. It was good"
Steven: "So did i man"
Johnny: "What? Serious? i was just loling with you man"
by Sudyer August 10, 2008

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