The unspeakable; the uncomfortable conversation; the questions you are too embarrassed to ask, but need answers to.
Am I the only one who wants to talk about loving a girl when she is pregnant and the baby is not mine? I'm Taboo.
by Kurt728 April 06, 2007
something i break all the time

barthomolew: nice weather we're having
me: i like to watch porn while my sister sucks me off..fuck taboos!
by the master of the plaster November 20, 2008
Taiyou Sugiura
"Don't go near Taiyou Sugiura - He' taboo"
by mamk October 20, 2008
Taboo: Something that is old or out of date, it is mentioned as an out-of-date object in the Broadway play RENT.
Sally: Your clothes are SO taboo!
by Mr_Oggle_Boogle_Man June 12, 2006
Avoided a lot
Swear words
by Natasha March 21, 2004
one of the singers/rappers from the popular hip hop group "the black eyed peas." He is very cool and also very underrated. we love you taboo :D <3
taboo is awesome
by bepfan12893 February 20, 2010
Love affair or trouble
Steal your heart
You are my best friend's girlfriend
You'll be mine
It's my TABOO -from M-Flo's Song-

by ^hare^ February 14, 2003

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