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French curse word. Ofently used as an insult by French Canadians and Quebecers. Originates from the french word 'tabernacle'. In the catholic Church, a 'tabernacle' is a small cupboard intended, since the XVI° century, to preserve the devoted hosts. Over a few decades, the pronounciation and spelling for 'tabernacle' evolved too 'tabarnaque'.

'Tabarnaque' can be the english equivalent for shit or piece of shit.
Tabarnaque! J'ai perdu mes clés!
(Shit! I lost my keys!)

C'est toi qui a perdu mes clés! Mon tabarnaque!
(It is you who as lost my keys! You piece of shit!)

Tabarnaque! Laisse faire mon tabarnaque, mes clés sont dans ma poche.
(Shit! Forget it you piece of shit, my keys are in my pocket.)
by D@vid L. December 23, 2005
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