Okay, a lot of wrong definitions here, most of which are just opinion rather than stating what System of a Down actually are. Here, I'll write a real definition (with my extra opinion, of course), rather than just saying "omfgz dey r da bezt!!!11" with no intelligent information or input whatsoever.

System of a Down are an experimental alt-metal/alt-rock band (no, they are NOT pop or nu-metal, before you start calling them nu-metal learn what the genre actually means) from Los Angles, California. They formed in 1995 and have released five studio albums to date. Some people are saying they're from Armenia, some people are saying that they're not. Let me get this straight... Serj (lead singer) and John (drummer) were both born in Lebanon. Shavo (bassist) was born in Yerevan, Armenia. Daron (guitarist) was born in Hollywood. Although, all band members ARE OF ARMENIAN ANCESTRY. They combine some middle-eastern elements in their music, also drawing influences from jazz, folk, blues and industrial.

Now for my personal opinion. System are an amazing band, and my favourite right now. I've been listening to them for nearly a year, maybe a bit longer. Although maybe in a few months time they might not be my favourite band anymore, they'll still be pretty damn great no matter how many times I listen to them. Yes, they've got a bit of commercial success. So what. When I first started listening to them I had no idea that they were popular. I'm fed up of hearing "they're popular, therefore they can't be good". That's bullshit. It's exactly the kind of crap you hear from small minded music snobs.

What also annoys me to no end are the stupid poser kids running around claiming to be their "#1 fan", whereas most likely they've only heard Chop Suey or BYOB. Good songs yes, but as a matter of fact, they have much, much better songs. If you're into heavier stuff (than say, Toxicity) listen to some of their self-titled album. One of the best albums ever created. And before you call yourself a fan listen to at least a few tracks off of each album (which, by the way, are all awesome).

(1998) System of a Down
(2001) Toxicity
(2003) Steal This Album!
(2005) Mezmerize
(2005) Hypnotize

Also, yes, some songs do have silly lyrics (Fuck the System, Vicinity of Obscenity, etc), which I personally have no problem with. But if you don't like it, don't judge them so quickly. Check out the lyrics for deeper songs such as Spiders, Mind, Aerials, Highway Song to name a few. Pure poetry. What I'm trying to say is don't judge System by the songs you heard on MTV or whatever. Listen to their less popular stuff then see what you think. Peace.
The purest forms of life,
Our days are never coming back...
~Highway Song (Steal This Album!, 2003)

System of a Down are definitely among the greatest, most intelligent and original bands ever.
by Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuart February 23, 2007
Top Definition
A band that created a unique sound by combining armenian and middle eastern elements with heavy metal. People accuse them of just screaming because they're too illiterate to read their lyrics or try to interpit them. Shallow preps hate them because their image is not as flashy as that of a rapper or pop star. Some hate them just because they're afaird listening to "unpopular" music would set them apart from the crowd. One of the few good metal bands in an industry poluted by nu-metal clones.
Me: Have you heard System of A Down?

Wigger: Fuck no, I don't listen ta dat shit, all they does scream about shit dat don't mean shit.

Me: Really, Have you tried to read their lyrics or interpit them?

Wigger: Read? Wut da fuck?! I don't read any shit! And wut da fuck does 'interaypit' mean?!
by Armen April 03, 2004
a politically correct band with some fucking unique talent
no example needed, just check out thier albums toxicity and steal this album
by BlankGirl December 26, 2004
The most recent band in existence to be so kick-ass that their records are 55-minute-long orgasms.
"I like SOAD," said Dave one day while he was out kicking the shit out of zombie scum.
by Davezor January 23, 2004
the most bad ass band ever. A lot of people call them sell outs but theyre just ass holes that think that whatever they dont like is selling out. theyre the fucking opposite of sellouts. they do charity tours for crimes against humanity. u wanna see sellout just look up my definition for metallica.
system of a down is a bad as rock band
by ben hendricskon August 04, 2004
Okay, people with strong opinions here, I respect that, but some are just a bit too fucking intense. If you'd like my opinion, (Undoubtabley if you're reading this,) here it is.

SOAD is unique. They are definitely in the top 10 bands out there, due to their intelligent, deep, political lyrics, blended with amazing vocals, and excellent guitars. I highly recommend the song "Toxicity" to start out with, just as an experimental taste, and if you DO like them, get the albums. Me, I hope they continue to tell the truth about america in their deep, philisophical melodies. (They've been around since '95, too, just is anyone wanted to know.)
Guy: Hey, did you get Toxicity?
Chick: Yeah, it kicked ass, where can I get some more?
by Alec Girard September 09, 2004
Listen, I'm a death metal kid, and I even have to agree that yes, System of a Down kicks ass. To all you pop-poser assholes out there, kill yourself. Lets summarize what we have learned, shall we? System of a Down is a good band even to some death-heads, and all pop-fags deserve to die. End of discussion.
"Did you see that pop idiot at the SOAD concert last night?"
"Yes, but I killed him without mercy."
by Morbid Angel is your friend December 02, 2003
System of A Down is a very unique alternative metal band from Armenia. They mix strong political beliefs into their often unintelligible lyrics. All of the members have a unique style of playing their instruments, and Serj Tankien has one of the most unusual voices in popular music today. Who cares if they're pop. If they make good music, it shouldn't matter. The Beatles were pop, but they are one of the most influential bands ever. Oh, and by the way... the person who said that they use Drop-D is only half right. They play in Drop-D tuning one whole step down.
None that I can think of.
by -+n{Twitch}f+- July 15, 2004

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