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Syam is a Thai Rapper/Producer and C.E.O of Make Music Entertainment. He has released three albums: "The Newborn", "Three Of A Kind", and "The Free Album Mixtape Vol.1".
You can check out Syam at:
by billy bogat February 20, 2007
Gorgeous, handsome, loving, sweetest guy who anyone would be lucky to meet, very good lover and amazing partner
Person 1: He's my Syam
Person 2: Wow! You're so lucky!
by candygloss11 February 26, 2012
a chinese artist from 1832 known for backstabing and singing for 12 years
i did a report on famous singer syam
by roger wenton September 05, 2008
the name given to someone who lies and cheats at life...(a backstabber)
your a backstabbing syam.
by Doug Walnark July 11, 2008

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