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having a sweatpant urge.
okay, so you're at a wedding that you didn't want to go to with a date you didn't want to take. you're wearing a horrendous tuxedo or an unfortunate ballgown, depending on your clothing persuasion. you are at the pinnacle of discomfort and all you can think about is getting home, putting on your sweatpants, and dropping onto your couch and falling asleep.
what you're having is a sweatpant urge. you are swurging.

or maybe you're in the parking lot with your grandmother and her old, old dog. it's cold: you're looking for Mee-Maw's Buick and she's moving unbelievably slow. your shirt is a little too short and you can feel the wind blowing on your lower back. all you want at this moment is to go home, pull on your nasty basketball sweatshirt and some flannel pajama pants, and probably watch Glee, or maybe Arrested Development, or maybe even Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.
by timestwelve May 17, 2010

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