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A mix of swing and funk.
Let's play it in a swunk feel.
by Mit. March 07, 2004
The act of getting drunk while swimming.
We all got swunk in Brandon's pool, but the diving board was a bad idea.
by Gnitz July 01, 2010
combination of a guy's junk and anything that would make them sweaty. Typically after a day of doing lawn work, basketball or just a hot, humid day.
"After mowing and trimming the yard, I have to take a shower, I've got a serious case of swunk."
by J. Stenger March 25, 2007
slut whore nigger cunt,
a diss-name that covers everything.
Look at her butt becky, it is soooo swunk.
by longdongvaughnfusionrod. December 26, 2010

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