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It's a sweat fuck.

Eduardo: Hey, you've been joggin on this ridiculously hot day haven't you?

Catalina: Si

Eduardo: Let's swuck.
by natendo July 29, 2006
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a new use of "fuck"
fucko: may I fuck you in the ass?
shucko: yef you can buf i gof somefing in my mouf vough
fucko: you lacked bitch
shucko: yeff
by fucko May 10, 2005
swuck swucked swucked.
means having sex with sthg in the mouth
fucko: may i fuck ya in ass?
shuck: yef buff i goff someffing in my mouff
fucko: so gotta swuck you bitch
shuck: oh yefff
by fucko May 10, 2005

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