1)Stupid White People. Ex: Neo Nazis, biggots, etc
2)An Officer Negative song
lyrics from the song:"S.W.P. dosnt mean supreme white power
S.W.P. means stupid white people"
by XfuzzXbombX August 07, 2006
Top Definition
An acronym for Southwest Philadelphia, used mostly by former Southwest residents who have moved to Delaware County. They like to pretend that they're more impressively urban than you.
"yo, representin swp, county bitches!"
by Kelly O June 18, 2005
a abbrivation of (supreme white power)
dude i have swp its not funny
by power November 06, 2004
sex without protection
him: Hey baby im horny
her: me too
him: wanna have swp?
her: ok sure
by Stephanie Rosario March 24, 2008
stupid white person/people
person 1: i don't get it
person 2: what a swp
by treevillage December 10, 2010
Abbreviation for Slut Whore Pig

1. A woman of loose moral character, lacking any type of self-respect.
1. Look at Suzi...sucking every cock in the room. Fucking SWP.
by monkey cum March 27, 2010
Salvadorans with Pride (SWP - 18) is a Salvadoran street gang in Long Island, New York. They are rivals with MS - 13.
Those SWP fools fucked them MS bitches up!
by SMOKKEY May 11, 2009
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