Verb; Sexual activity between two gay men. The term "squashbuckling" is sometimes submitted.
I was going to take a shower after practice but two fags were Swordfighting in the shower.
by ccnutmnkey December 08, 2004
When two males stand facing each other with erect penises and move slowly together. The male who "strikes" the other first is deemed winner, and also the owner of the longer penis.
Jack and Bob were sword fighting yesterday to determine whose cock was longer.
by Rudy H March 02, 2007
when drunk and at the front door of one's home, trying to find the keyhole and crazily dabbing at the area around it, resembling a sword fight
from my bedroom I could hear sally sword fighting with the door after a night at the bar
by Chris4545 December 22, 2006
games that homosexuals play
I bet those two faggots go home and sword fight all night
by Fishrman July 17, 2003

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