to want to take your clothes off for someone
I played the flute for my woman and she swooned
by manular February 28, 2009
Swoon: noun

A person ,usually male who is very attractive.

Swoon: verb

To be filed with great joy or/and pleasure.
"He was so hot! A total swoon."

"Ahh that was so good. I'm swoon."
by Becca Mills December 02, 2006
pertaining to a pirate
Tiffany, how many times do I have to tell you? Captain Jack Sparrow is a swoon kind of guy!
by sfjlljeni January 04, 2008
Verb: To be swoon.

To be attractive. This usually includes being average - tall height, slim/skinny and sporting a good swishy hair do. Used to describe males only.

Noun: A swoon.

Someone who could be described as being swoon.
Verb: Look at him, he's well swoon!

Noun: Did you see that swoon?!
by Lauray April 13, 2006
To vomit just a little in your mouth then re-swollow
After i watched dirty danceing i swooned
by Yar1984 March 06, 2008
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