when a female sweats in her boob when shes exercising or hot
omg, all this running is making me swoob.
by Emmmmmma May 24, 2006
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When it is knarly hot and you have a profuse sweat going onunder your breasts.

Sweaty + Boobs= Swoobs
I have a serious case of the swoobs.
by Chenze August 28, 2006
When boobs get sweaty, underneath and/or in between.
Guy: Oh man, its hot out today. I got swalls over here.

Girl: I hear ya, I got some swoobs goin on.
by Wicked Pissa Melissa April 28, 2009
sweaty boobs
Man, that girl has got some swoobs.
by Kourtney_K January 21, 2012
When sweat gathers in your cleavage...you get swoobs
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
the sweat or "juice" that comes under the boob when a fat man or women is to hot to function.
"man that girl is fine!! my swoob is acting up."
by Regius_Raegan June 28, 2014
Them damn sweaty boobs is what swoobs means. Like when girl comes up to you with a nice bust but they are all sweaty and wet and the rest of her isn't sweaty, that's swoobs.
Wow! Did you see that babe that had those gross ass swoobs?
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 25, 2005

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