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when a female sweats in her boob when shes exercising or hot
omg, all this running is making me swoob.
by Emmmmmma May 24, 2006
8 8
sweat under one's breasts (sweat + boob = swoob)
The combination of the hot day and the tight sports bra created a serious swoob problem for Alicia.
by Myth31 August 11, 2003
52 8
When it is knarly hot and you have a profuse sweat going onunder your breasts.

Sweaty + Boobs= Swoobs
I have a serious case of the swoobs.
by Chenze August 28, 2006
39 10
When boobs get sweaty, underneath and/or in between.
Guy: Oh man, its hot out today. I got swalls over here.

Girl: I hear ya, I got some swoobs goin on.
by Wicked Pissa Melissa April 28, 2009
12 4
When sweat gathers in your cleavage...you get swoobs
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
10 7
the sweat or "juice" that comes under the boob when a fat man or women is to hot to function.
"man that girl is fine!! my swoob is acting up."
by Regius_Raegan June 28, 2014
0 0
sweaty boobs
Man, that girl has got some swoobs.
by Kourtney_K January 21, 2012
1 1