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The act of drinking alcohol in order to become intoxicated.
"Wooohhhhhh, let's go swonking Nigel. Let's get totally swonked."
by kenturamon April 27, 2009
Transy University.
The act of putting your dick in a chicks ear.
So I was swonking this chick the other night and there was an abundace of ear wax on my dick.
The action of doing something completely badass without the knowledge of being able to do so. It can happen if drunk, high, or simply really euphoric or excited.
Dude 1: Holy crap! Oh my god! Holy crap! Oh my god!
Dude 2: (To Dude 3) Jesus Christ! How many pills did he swallow?
(Dude 1 does a backflip)
Dude 3: Shit! He high AF dude, he be swonking!
by The Stealth Gorilla June 16, 2016
The ability to suck your own dick
Billy: Is that guy swonking over there?
Jim: I think he might
Billy: Nasty
by SWONK September 16, 2014
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