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1.To be thick,muscular.To be densly packed 2.To be swollen.
1.Hey fool,you been lifting?Your all swoe up!2.My sisters face is all swoed up after having her wisdom teeth removed.
by Tonanone September 29, 2006
A word my juggalos at school thought up; basically an advanced form of the word "cool".
Dude, your new shoes are hella swoe!
by Juggalette Mini March 23, 2004
A sweaty cameltoe. Usually derived from a long day hanging out at the beach in a white bikini after recently receiving a Brazilian wax.
Man that chick has a swoe, its just dripping wet.
by alerika May 03, 2006
SWOE - Slut Who On Everybody
A synonym to thot, hoe, or slut. A very promiscuous girl who gets with a lot of guys
She's a swoe, bruh. She gave head to 6 guys at the party.
I hate these swoe ass bitches. They all the same.
Don't touch these swoes. They might have STDs.
by King of The Side Pieces May 31, 2015

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