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The term is used in the WGM as Swag+Mobbin.

but the term in the street is known as..


Particularly, when they be thrown swings and haymakers.
Guy: Dag what goin' on down on 5th?
Guy#2: 2 bruh's swobbin nigga, I got 10 on red's head.
by StreetLingo August 20, 2011
a cross between mobbin and swaggin
whitegirlmob is swobbin on the industry...
by Creamy_Box August 10, 2011
Swobbin is swagging and mobbing at the same time, made popular by V-Nasty through her song "Swobbin".
Swaggin' and Mobbin'. Swobbin'
by superlativemj August 10, 2011