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when snood takes out his hairy ape ass and sits and rubs it in your face. he may also shit on your face while he is at it. usually after being swiveled on you will feel discontent, nausea, and smell like shit.
Crowd: swivel on (name)!
Snood: i forgot to wipe or shave my ass today! makes good swiveling.
Victim: (cries helplessly)
Corey: (in his voice)ohh hes got shit in his ear! Swivel Snoodie Beyah!
9 34
n. strength of mind or character that enables one to overcome adversity; confidence; will

see game
Bob ain't got no swivel.
by Robert M. Jackson August 05, 2005
96 63
To stick a defined object up your rectum and spin upon it.
Hey Tim, go sit on a barstool and swivel.
by poody July 30, 2005
116 88
A suitable replacement for the word "Swerve". Used in a context that revolves around avoiding someone and their either A) annoying thoughts or B) negativity
Guy 1: Man, I hate having fun with my friends!

Guy 2: Swivel! Im done with you!
by PleaseApprove333 March 10, 2013
19 3
A word stated after sticking your middles finger up at some1

just to add emphasis
Abby: I Lost Your Ipod.

Jamie: *middle finger* SWIVEL!

Abby: *cries*
by LottieSWIVEL August 30, 2008
42 30
A point of alcoholic intoxication to where the user has lost balance and good judgement.

swively, swiveling, etc.
"He had the swivels so bad last night, he fell down a flight of stairs and tried to hit his mom."
by MC Mello November 17, 2004
8 1
same as the beer shits
I drank so much last night at the Baker's, now I have the swivels.
by Pag October 10, 2005
6 4
evill and swift's love names or the sweat from one's scrotum.
random guy: "hey swivel! where's the other swivel?"


person 1: "yo man did you piss yourself?!"

person 2: "oh no that's just my swivel."
by my gay penis April 11, 2011
4 13