Top Definition
sweat between your titties
dude you know you want my switty
by nicolelu July 12, 2005
Shiny, moist breasts with a beautiful gloss that catches the eye perfectly.
Look at that bartender. She has a beautiful set of switties right now!
by MP9 August 16, 2010
Sweaty boobs.
Did you see he swittys on her after running? God i wanna lick um.
by capt. a August 11, 2009
Abbreviation of S'witty, which is a further abbreviation of "so witty."

Term coined by myself and Ayla to describe how witty we are.

Also the name of our website,
Person 1: Your mom.

Person 2: Dude, that was so not switty.
by Eric March 29, 2005

to have sweaty boobies
Using sun tan oil will make your ninnies look like switties.
by Plato23 February 11, 2009
sweaty titties
"I just worked out and now I have switties"
by thetwinkies June 27, 2016
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