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sweat between your titties
dude you know you want my switty
by nicolelu July 12, 2005
Shiny, moist breasts with a beautiful gloss that catches the eye perfectly.
Look at that bartender. She has a beautiful set of switties right now!
by MP9 August 16, 2010
Sweaty boobs.
Did you see he swittys on her after running? God i wanna lick um.
by capt. a August 11, 2009
Abbreviation of S'witty, which is a further abbreviation of "so witty."

Term coined by myself and Ayla to describe how witty we are.

Also the name of our website, switty.net
Person 1: Your mom.

Person 2: Dude, that was so not switty.
by Eric March 29, 2005

to have sweaty boobies
Using sun tan oil will make your ninnies look like switties.
by Plato23 February 11, 2009