when you walk up to someone and they go one way and you go the same and its hard to pass them.
"yo i just had mad switch-foot with that kid we went back and forth for the ill second"
by C-fitzizzle March 06, 2008
l33tong band, anyone who don't like them are either gay or were refused their mothers titty as a youngster
Fred: hello i am kuni cos i dont like switchfoot
Jiminy: I agree whole heartedly my african american brother.
by Tom March 09, 2005
A backstabber
He switchfooted me.
by skizzlemasta October 17, 2003
(1)a sexual act in which one gay teenage male jacks off another gay teengage male until they ejaculate all over each other's balls while listening to the annoying, talentless band Switchfoot
(2) an annoying, talentless band
(1) I was flirting with Mike one moment, talking about our favorite band, Switchfoot, and the next moment I was in Mike's room performing Switchfoot on him.
(2) Yeah, lets go see the band Switchfoot in concert and die!
by Mr. Miyagi April 26, 2005
A horrible discrase to rock n roll, and their band should all be beaten with their instruments.
hm...lets play some fabulous blink one eightypoo and switchfoot...and some hoobastink...and some cum41. or not...cuse they Suck and play music for stupid farie teenagers, and sweaty old men who want to be cool.
by Sean February 27, 2005
possibly one of the shittiest bands ever.
I was at sherrie's house the other day, she put of switchfoot and I almost killed myself. Then she asked if we wanted to go shopping for more converse shoes.
by lafawnduh February 02, 2005

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