To be a bitch, and talk in a derogative about someone in front on their face, and then start talking to them as normal, complementing them excessively, to cover up the hurtful comments.
That girl Sarah is such a Switch, the way she was speaking to Holly like that and then complemented her like nothing even happened.

You know you're a slut but your hair looks nice and you post good pictures on Instagram !
by KrazyK98 April 13, 2014
the end result after unprotected sexual activity between a brother and sister (given the sister had been inseminated), an inbred
Your uncle is your're a switch.
by gkhkguyl November 17, 2010
Verb: The act of simultaneously tucking back the male genitalia while completing a spin in the air to land with ass and genitals facing the original direction of travel.

Variations include: No handed switch, backdoor tuck pull switch, and backflip helicopter switch.
Chris landed a 180 switch from the coffee table right in front of the couch.
by Switchmaster C-Sizzle April 19, 2010
Used as a way to emphasize how well something was/is. Originally used in ski bum slang to describe when a person lands a jump or is skiing going backwards.
"Next time I'm going to ski that line, switch!"
"I scored an A on that exam, switch!"
by Pdawger May 18, 2008
To perform an act in an opposite manner to that in which you would normally perform it.
Originally used in skate and snowboarding parlance, but now adopted into wider slang usage.

Can also refer to partaking in anal sex with a female.
Orig. - Man, that was sick when you landed that 540 and rode it switch!
Now - I normally sit on the left side of the couch, but I thought I'd go switch,
Vulg. - Debbie was on her rag so I rode her switch instead.
by wacky_d January 13, 2006
1. A switchblade, a knife with a retractable blade. Also can be used to refer to a butterfly knife.
They started talkin shit so I pulled my switch on em.

The got into a fight and Jimmy slashed him with the switch.
by Tim December 21, 2003
The word that is yelled when 2 guys are double-teaming a girl and they decide to change places.
When Jason and Joey got bored with Connie, they gave each other a hive five and yelled "Switch!"
by Mike Payne March 06, 2008
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