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When a person or team suffers a loss during a sporting event due to terrible officiating.
Person A: Hey, did you win your game on sunday?

Person B: Hell no, I got Swissed!!
by David Puckett July 02, 2007
39 14
The act of shitting yourself after eating too many Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.
I just ate two boxes of swiss rolls and I think I just swissed myself.
by life_of_party March 08, 2009
13 7
to be sober; not intoxicated
good thing i was swissed when the cop pulled us over.
by jenwen July 24, 2004
14 11
To be kicked in the groin by a strange swiss man. Preferably in the middle of a desert, while you and your friends are in the pyramid formation. Like cheerleaders.
Swiss guy: Hey make a pyramid.

Friends: Ok!!

Swiss guy: *kicks everyone*

Friends: Ouch. We were just swissed.

Swiss guy: *laughs*
by Chase the Magnificent. June 24, 2006
33 31
being dominated/pwnd/etc. in a first person shooter game by a gun with a high fire rate witch is usually accompanied with a significant drop in damage.basically have to be a punk/chump to die at the hands of an inferior weapon. the many holes in your body allude to the holes in swiss cheese.
playing halo
"dewbro i just swissed you and you had a shotty"
by frshnastynasty November 26, 2008
1 3
A verb that originated at St. Sebastian's School outside of Boston, MA. Used to describe losing, or getting "sliced up" in something. Often applied to insults, and goes with just about any action, including sports, insult trading, and academics.
That teacher really swissed me up on that test.

You just got swissed with that insult, sucka!
by Burman November 11, 2004
4 15
to be intoxicated
damn, i got hella swissed last night at the party.
by jon February 01, 2004
5 16