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a variation on the word sweet, or awesome, used by moranic white private school boys to try and sound ghetto
swiggles, this shit is of da heezy yo!

swiggles i'm a dumbass
by one single tear December 18, 2006
5 6
A step up from swag.
Chris has got swiggle.
by ActuallyAnon May 08, 2011
65 6
An amount of liquid taken in one swallow. Unlike the word 'swig', this term only refers to liquids of an alcoholic nature.
Please Sir, may I bother you for a swiggle of your of your whiskey?
by Henry Hoffman September 07, 2006
47 38
below average grade marijuana
Guy: “You got some Sour Diesel?”
Other Guy: “No, just swiggles...”
Guy: “Nevermind..."
by Oaklandazulasylum December 15, 2010
4 1
To fuck or to have sex with someone.
Hey bitch you look fine want to swiggle?
by SwiggleV September 10, 2010
24 22

A small slice of pizza, cake, pie, or anything similar.
May I have a swiggle more of cake?
by letmeeatcake October 08, 2010
18 18
To take a swig of some type of drink, the proceed to giggle.
Jeff: *drinks water*
Jocelyn: You're a couch!
Jeff: *Swiggles*
by urfaceisaface January 01, 2011
3 7