to put Taylor Swift on repeat for extended periods of time , taking advantage of the fact that she has a song for every emotion.
I've been swifting since Tuesday, when my boyfriend broke up with me.
by swiftafolyfe December 10, 2009
Top Definition
The act or process of appearing to be shocked and overwhelmed at awards shows.
Kristen Wig and Will Farrell were swifting quite dramatically at the Golden Globes.
by wraina January 15, 2013
Taking a dookie in an educational establishment, with or without pants, but usually without.
"Chance, quit swifting!"
by A friend of Mr. Swift February 27, 2010
A mild form of torture, carried out by a game of hiding pictures of Taylor Swift in odd places to be discovered at a later time by family, roommates or the Orkin man. Such hiding and finding is homage to the ubiquitous nature of Ms Swift on the cover of every magazine, all over memes, as well internet news stories. Hiding places can include, but are not limited (to anything); Under the toilet lid, inside medicine/ kitchen or shop cabinets, inside foodstuff containers, re-rolled in paper towels, tin foil, gift wrapping. Swiftings do take on an electronic form in the embedding of a random picture of Taylor Swift , or a recording of one of her songs, in emails, tweets or Facebook postings. The art of Swifting began in Madison Wisconsin (Willy St area) in 2013, and has now spread through social media ( e.g. 'I Was Swifted' on Facebook) to the states of Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington. Random Swiftings have occurred from Louisiana and California
"When I opened the carton of Eggs, I was totally Swifted!" "Every time I turn around, I am getting Swifted! Two Emails, one picture stuffed in the book I was reading, and a "self Swift" as soon as I got in the car, 'cause I was flipping stations and and caught "trouble when you walked in"... ear-wormed myself for the whole day..." " We should hear screeching as soon as Bob and Betty go to bed, I put like a dozen Swiftings in their bed, pillowcases and taped four to the ceiling!" Not to be confused with Taylor Swifted
by Furthur Rider January 29, 2014
to go from relationship to relatinship, like taylor swift.
Oh my god, she is swifting again. She is such a slut sometimes.
by honhonhonhuehue December 06, 2014
When someone steals your spotlight. Derived from Taylor Swift being "swifted" by Kanye West.
Everyone hates Kanye for swifting that innocent little girl like that.
by September 15, 2009
Swifting 1. v) the act of pwning, without mercy 2. v) to eat
Man when we were swifting those weights everyone couldn't stop staring at us.

I was swifting like an animal at lunch today.
by tempurabatter August 01, 2009
swifting- verb - having a love hate relationship; wanting to tear someones guts out; yet loving them at the same time.

-Similar to the term PMSing-
It helps to be listening to taylor swift songs at the time of your swifting.
- I am swifting at him right now


"shes PMSing at the moment"
by DanAndLuba September 29, 2011
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