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v. to clean with a Swiffer product, such as a Swiffer Sweeper or a Swiffer WetJet; to sweep, mop, vacuum, or dust.

Compare German "schweifen", Old English "swīfan", and Icelandic "svífa", which all mean "to sweep".
My mom just swiffed the entryway, so make sure you take your shoes off.
by kadatz April 29, 2010
To excrete female body fluid or "get wet in the nether regions" after close inspection of a hot male body or bodies. Named after the "swiff" floor cleaner - someone who has an inclination to "swiff" could literally clean floors!
"The sight of the pool cleaner in his little tight shorts was too much for Brioni. She couldn't control herself and "swiffed" everywhere.

"If he smiles at me one more time with those big blue eyes I am going to swiff myself!"
by Robert Milne April 05, 2006
the un-horny version; to swiff means to CLEAN FLOORS with a swiffer mop! :)
we say swiff minus the -er because we are lazy.
rachel left to go "swiff"; while christian was confused, and had to go look it up on urban dictionary. unfortunately he got the wrong definition.
by Racheek July 19, 2006
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