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an acronym for people who listen to music like devil wears prada and wear tight jeans and have crazy hair do's that all SWEF's have and basically suck at life
I saw some guy at Hot Topic in the mall, he looks like a huge SWEF.
by jonathan woot! April 12, 2008
Amazing, awesome: Can be used randomly and out of the blue
John: I just got laid
Josh: Swef bruh
John: What the heck does swef mean?
by Aecrius June 11, 2014
Swef is the highest level of swag.

On a scale, there are 3 levels.

Swag, sweg, and swef.
"ayy damn I'm so swef"
"no you aren't you dum bitch, u lowest level swag, cant even upgrade to swef cuz not in u hue unlike me"
"pfttttttt pls"
by Anastaus September 30, 2015

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