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the very worst thing that could possibly happen in the situation that you are in.
What a sweetsor, that semi ran over your grandma.
by Reed Larson January 10, 2004
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1)AKA: sweetzor or uber sweet
2)AKA: sw33tzor or uber sw33t
3) being of sweet tasting
4) being really high in sugar content
5)something really good just happened
1)OH MAN! This game is sweetsor (sweetzor)
2)my girl is so sweetsor
by Collin McNinch January 08, 2004
Internet slang, used commonly by hackers and internet junkies...others include "roxxor, ownzor, n00b" and more. Leet ("1337")
yo i just got a new comp its so sweets0r!
by Dominick January 14, 2004

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